Single night stays at weekends

04th April 2014
Due to increasing enquiries for single night stays at weekends, we will keep an upto date list of all rooms that come available, due to bookings falling on either side. I will update this as often as possible, but always once a week. If you can't book the date on line it is always worth checking by phone or email as sometimes the booking system over-rides single night availability due to the usual two nigth weekend stay. 2 nights only applies to Friday & Saturdays, we accept single night stays on all other nights.

Single night availability - UPDATED 03/04/13

Saturday 19th April Romantic
Friday 2nd May Premier Supreme
Friday 9th May Teal
Friday 16th May Romantic
Friday 23rd May Romantic
Friday 23rd May Enchanted
Friday 13th June Provence
Friday 27th June Provence
Saturday 28th June Premier Royale
Friday 22nd August Peony